Outsource your weaknesses to improve your sales

You probably went into business for one of the following reasons –

  • For the love of what you do
  • To make use of your skills or expertise
  • In order to work around your personal circumstances – such as illness, redundancy or childcare commitments

Whatever your reasons, every business owner has tasks that they don’t enjoy doing, don’t have the time to do or aren’t very good at.  That’s fine, no one is good at everything and the bigger your business gets the more help you’re going to need. Learn more from http://www.mortgageloansadvisor.com/increase-your-bookkeeper-salary/

If you are anything like me, (a bit of a control freak), the thought of trusting someone else to perform certain tasks can seem very daunting, but let’s think about it this way, using an example –

Diane has two small children at full time school and decided to set up a cake decorating business so that she can earn regular money and spend more time with her children.  Things start off really well, she drops the kids off at school in the morning and plans on working on her customer orders while 3pm.  She cannot afford a website designer or expensive advertising, so she sets herself up a website that doesn’t look great but it serves a purpose.  She puts up a few posters that she designed and printed herself using her computer and puts them up locally.  For a few weeks, she receives no orders.

She decides to lower her prices, puts up more posters and gets a couple of orders.  She completes these orders and her customers are very happy but she’s not keeping track of her spending and time taken on her orders.  If she  did she would see that the cost of the ingredients plus the hours of time that it’s taking, means that she’s not making hardly any profit.  She gets busier and busier because her cakes are so cheap and to keep up with all these orders, she has to work late into the night.   She isn’t finding enough time to spend with her children, her house is a mess, she feels stressed and she can’t understand why she is so busy, and yet isn’t making much money.

Does any of this sound familiar?  What could Diane have done differently?  It is obvious that Diane’s strengths are her cake making and decorating skills but how could outsourcing her weaknesses have helped her?

  • A business coach could have helped Diane to work out and target her ideal customers and could have helped with setting her prices so that she was actually making money on each cake
  • A website designer could have set up a professional looking website within Diane’s budget.  This website could contain photos of Diane’s best work and targeted her ideal customers
  • A professional looking logo and a few flyers designed by a graphic designer could help attract clients to Diane’s business
  • A bookkeeper could have told Diane exactly how much money she was making and given her the opportunity to increase her prices as  ingredient costs increased or charge more for rush items
  • Using a professional photographer for a few shots of herself could be perfect to use on her website and any other advertising material
  • A cleaner could have come to her house a few hours a week to keep on top of the housework, allowing Diane to focus on her business
  • A local cake maker could have helped Diane by making better quality cakes that the shop bought ones that Diane was making.  This would increase the quality of Diane’s finished cakes and allow her to charge more money for them
  • Another local baker, who specialties are cupcakes, could compliment Diane’s business.  Diane would love to offer cupcakes as well as cakes but doesn’t have the time to do these as well and often turns down work if a customer wants both.  Likewise the cupcake maker often turns down cake making work so they can pass work along to each other.  What a win-win situation.

Any of the above would increase Diane’s productivity, time with her family or her professional image.  This would of course mean initial money invested by Diane, but she would get her money back through acquiring more customers thanks to the skills of the business experts that she uses.

Outsource your weaknesses to improve your salesIf you do decide to do everything yourself, you must bear in mind that it will be hard for you to grow your business.  Think of large businesses.  There is an overall owner or owners, but they don’t do everything themselves.  They hire specialists who deal with Customer Service, Advertising, Marketing, Training, Business Development etc. This allows them to pool all this expertise and focus on bringing their own skills into the business.

I’m not suggesting that you go out and hire a dozen members of staff.  Simply ask yourself what area of your business would you like to improve and could you hire someone on a freelance or part time basis to take care of this for you. visit this source here!

Outsourcing saves you time, stress, increases your productivity and will help you run a professional, organized business

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