Increase your Bookkeeper Salary

The bookkeeper salary will depend on whether the bookkeeper has completed a formal education program and obtained certification in the field, the size of the company or organization they work for, or if they work as a freelance bookkeeper. Here we will find out more regarding the average annual salary of the bookkeeper, their role and responsibilities in this field and how they can supplement their income.see details now!

The Bookkeepers Role and Responsibility

In this field, the bookkeeper will work for a company or organization, as a full time employee or they can work as a freelancer for smaller companies and be contracted to work for an employer for as little as one week or up to six months. The bookkeeper is responsible for tracking the cash flow of a company, handling the company’s assets and their investments. There is a significant increase in work for the freelance bookkeeper during tax season which will require the freelancer to work long hours, compiling receipts and bank statements in order to ensure the company is ready to file.

Working as a bookkeeper you will be responsible for the financial records of a company or organization, dealing with venders, balancing accounts, filling out cash flow statements, keeping track of business transactions and balancing ledgers.

The Salary for the Bookkeeper

The average hourly rate for the bookkeeper will range from 15$ to 17$ an hour, with a featured annual salary of 32,000$ to 35,000$. The top ten percent of bookkeepers will earn 50,000$, with the bottom ten percent earning between 27,000$ and 40,000$. In order to increase their annual salary and become more marketable to potential clients the bookkeeper will take on accounting duties such as payroll processing and billing functions.

Working in the field the bookkeeper can be employed at private companies, government agencies, schools and medical facilities on a full or part time basis. The state of California offers one of the highest paying salaries for the bookkeeper and employs around 183090 bookkeepers with an hourly rate of 20$. Places such as Washington DC will offer the bookkeeper an annual salary of 49,000$, with Los Angeles featuring an annual salary of 39,000$ and New York giving the bookkeeper an annual salary of 48,000$.

Bookkeeper salary

In order to supplement their income in this field, a bookkeeper can have a full time position with a company while also choosing to work as a freelance bookkeeper on the side. This can be done from home or will require the freelancer to work at a company one or two days a week. Taking additional courses in accounting will also increase the annual salary for the bookkeeper.check it from

For more information on the bookkeeper salary, career information and job responsibilities, you can read this article.

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